Key witness in Gedera rape case questioned all day

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 Important witness in Gedera rape case was questioned all day

It has been 10 days since Barkat Abu Essa, a 22-year-old resident of the Tel Sheva Bedouin diaspora, was arrested on suspicion of rape in Gedera. Abu Essa is suspected of breaking into the apartment of a 30-year-old woman, tying her up and raping her in front of her young children.

According to police investigators, the suspect knew exactly where he was going and was following the victim before committing the act, and still trying to figure out what brought him to this woman. According to this assessment, and although the suspect is silent in his investigation – the police called a significant figure to investigate with a warning.

The rape victim has already given several statements to the police, and quite a lot of evidence has been collected, including which directly links the suspect to the rape case. The main question that researchers need to answer at this stage is why this particular woman became a victim. How did Abu Essa know that the complainant was living and raising three children alone, how did he know what floor she was on, or why he was seen looking for a name at the front door downstairs.

for interrogation with a warning to a significant figure who was interrogated all day in the office of the Central Police Department. They believe that the interrogation of this figure can lead them to an answer that the victim also wants to know – how the criminal came to her. The police stressed that in the coming days they must submit a statement to the prosecutor.

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