Kevin Spacey opens up about growing up with a neo-Nazi father

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 Kevin Spacey spoke frankly about growing up with a neo-Nazi father

Actor Kevin Spacey, against whom the scandal of sexual harassment does not subside, testified about his harsh childhood and despot father. He testified in court on the claim of Anthony Rapp, which, as a result, was dismissed. “I grew up in a house with very complex dynamics. My father was unemployed most of the time, so he spent a lot of time at home”, — he said. The actor added that the family moved a lot, because of which his father was visited by disturbing thoughts. “My father was far right and a neo-Nazi. I, my brother and sister had to listen to his beliefs and opinions for hours,” he said. According to Spacey, because of his father's views, he avoided inviting his close Jewish friend to his home. His father attacked him verbally more than once, using harsh derogatory words against the gay community because of his desire to be an actor. "I didn't live a lie. I just avoided talking about my personal life,” — he noted.

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