Kendall Jenner rode through the streets of new York on velocipede

Кендалл Дженнер проехалась по улицам Нью-Йорка на велосепеде

American supermodel in just two years of a successful career managed to earn $ 18 million, breaking all records not less popular colleagues. However, Kendall Jenner continues to delight fans with her spontaneity and naturalness. It is no secret that yesterday leggy brunette 23 years old. The star of the catwalks celebrate an important date not only in the company of legendary relatives and friends. After all, the reality star was caught on one of the Central streets of new York. Kendall Jenner did not hesitate to drive a few blocks on a rented bike. While the star of the catwalks did not prevent long coat actual grassy shade, decorated with elements of faux fur.

In addition, according to the representative of the legendary clan Kardashian completed the look with laconic straight cut jeans light blue hue, Golf, fine-knit and sporty sneaker with a chunky sole. It is noteworthy that after walking the supermodel went to the bar, inviting several famous colleagues, including Bella Hadid. However, the brother of the representative of the famous clan among the guests of the occasion were not, despite the fact that informed Anwar and Kendall was suspected of a secret affair.

By the way, just two weeks, the leggy brunette will participate in the annual fashion show of lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. Earlier, the heir to a multimillion-dollar state already shone on the catwalk, being in the company of other angels. While the representative of the clan Kardashian still not out of the way. After all, the party devoted to Halloween, the brunette also wore a dress, stylized in the spirit of models “Victoria’s Secret”.


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