Kendall Jenner in a giant down jacket became the first winter meme in the social network

Кендалл Дженнер в гигантском пуховике стала первым зимним мемом в соцсети

Until the end of autumn remained more than a month, but the social network is ready to meet the winter. In the Instagram account @itsmaysmemes where often go and post processed in photoshop pictures of celebrities in a giant clothes and shoes, there was a picture of Kendall Jenner in a red jacket. French Vogue posted this photo in his Twitter, commenting on the famous phrase:

Winter is coming.

The image healed their own lives on social media, becoming viral. Internet users have banded together to continue the chain of memes. Some remembered a clip I Love It Kanye West and Leela Pampa, other still can’t forget the huge scarf lenny Kravitz.

It looks like your girlfriend when she says she’s cold, and you give her your coat,

— wrote one Twitter user.


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