Kendall Jenner and ‘El Canelo’ spotted having dinner together in Los Angeles

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Kendall Jenner and ‘El Canelo’ spotted having dinner together in Los Angeles

Kendall Jenner She is one of the most famous stars on American television, so it is not uncommon to see her fulfilling her work commitments in the most exclusive events, but this time she caused a stir because she was seen with the Mexican Saúl Canelo Álvarez in a luxurious restaurant located in Los Angeles, California.

​The images in which the member of the Kardashian family and the Mexican boxer are seen caused a sensation on Wednesday night and immediately rumors of a romance between them beganBut apparently it was just a business meeting.

​According to witnesses, the boxer was the first to arrive at the restaurant and it did not take long for the famous to arrive to meet him, it is also known that they toasted shortly before the Mexican left the place, but it was all about business and a possible partnership around the brand of tequila that the famous recently launched.

The speculations arose when relating that the fighter is originally from Jalisco, very close to Tequila, where Kendall Jenner’s company is located and everything was confirmed when they saw the businesswoman arrive at the place with a bottle of the product she promotes.

Kendall Jenner’s tequila

In February of this year, Kendall Jenner officially presented her project, a drink that has the name of 818 tequila that according to its website is made by hand in Jalisco, Mexico, it also has three presentations made from blue agave, which range from vintage, through reposado and White.

The drink can already be bought, although so far it is only sent to eight districts in the United States and the price for each 750-milliliter bottle varies according to the type, for example, white tequila has a value of USD 45, approximately 8998 Mexican pesos.

On the other hand, reposado tequila has a higher price on Kendall Jenner’s page, since it is selling for USD 59; that is, approximately 1,177 Mexican pesos and finally the most expensive product is the old one that does not offer an official cost, but can only be purchased directly in stores in the United States.

It is worth mentioning that Kendall Jenner’s foray into the sale of tequila caused mixed reactions in social networks, because while some criticized that she negotiated with something typical of Mexico and even accused her of cultural appropriation, others defended the businesswoman and celebrated that she was doing business in Mexico.


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