Kègle and Martel accused of premeditated murder

Kègle et Martel accusés de meurtre prémédité

THREE-RIVERS — René Kègle and Francis Martel were formally charged Friday afternoon of the premeditated murder of the young Ophelia Martin-Cyr. The two suspects, who were arrested in Repentigny and Montreal after a man hunt in the night from Thursday to Friday, have been brought into at the end of the day Friday at the courthouse of Trois-Rivières.

The two men are now facing several charges, the most serious of the criminal Code on premeditated murder. A charge that could result in a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole before 25 years of age. The two suspects are believed to have shot and killed the young woman, who was found lifeless in a field of Yamachiche Wednesday morning, and to have attempted to kill the young woman of 21 years who was accompanying him.

René Kègle, 38 years old Saint-Maurice, is therefore facing two counts of the indictment, the first degree murder of Ophelia Martin-Cyr, as well as having attempted to cause the death of the young woman of 21 years who was accompanying him by discharging a firearm restricted on it. The man, represented by Me Anne-Sophie Bédard, has different histories, some of them of assault in 2006.

As to Francis Martel, 31 years old from Trois-Rivières, he is also accused of first-degree murder of Ophelia Martin-Cyr, as accessory after the murder. Martel, represented by Cassandra Coderre, has a long history of drug-related offenses, possession of weapons, robbery, break and enter and breach of probation.

Kègle et Martel accusés de meurtre prémédité

Francis Martel, 31 years old from Trois-Rivières.


A search was conducted Wednesday at the home of René Kègle, on the rue Benoît in Saint-Maurice. The man’s home was for sale at the time of the facts.

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Also recall that the Sûreté du Québec now establishes a link between this case and the discovery of two charred bodies in a car on the road Bradley, in the area of Sainte-Marthe, on Wednesday morning. “Certain elements lead us to believe that the two events would be connected, even if there was a distance of about 30 km between the two events,” says the sergente Eloise Cossette, spokesperson for the Sûreté du Québec.

However, the investigation is far from over the side of the sector in Sainte-Marthe, no charges have yet been filed against anyone in this case. “The charges that I have tabled are supported by the evidence. When other elements of proof to me will be submitted by the investigators of the crime against the person of the Sûreté du Québec, I’ll discuss them with the force he needed, and if necessary, I will table of charges. If there was insufficient material to file other charges, I will do my duty, and I shall not,” said the prosecutor for criminal and penal prosecutions in the folder, Me Benoît Larouche.

The record of the two alleged murderers has been presented to the 23rd of November next, for the form.

Kègle et Martel accusés de meurtre prémédité

René Kègle, 38 years old Saint-Maurice.


Two body

Moreover, although the Sûreté du Québec is still not able to identify the two people found in the vehicle, calcined, some relatives of a construction contractor well known in the region worry about whether it might be him. In fact, Steve Lamy has not been seen since Wednesday, when the car was discovered. Moreover, according to some relatives met Friday, the vehicle found in the area of Sainte-Marthe, a luxury SUV, could correspond to the vehicle of Mr. Lamy. Relatives went to his home for the last few days, but he has never given a sign of life and its vehicle was not in his garage.

Members of his family and close friends were present at the courthouse Friday, in the hope of getting answers, they ultimately did not yet have.

Always according to our information, Steve Lamy was the former brother-in-law of René Kègle and the two men knew each other for many years.

The Sûreté du Québec, however, has not confirmed the identity or that of another person present in the vehicle, due to the state of the body. “The bodies are burnt and it will take special techniques to identify them. The analysis and the expertise will be by the end of the week,” says the sergente Eloise Cossette.

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