Keanu Reeves to star in Formula 1 movie

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 Keanu Reeves will take part in the creation of a film about "Formula -1"

Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves will take part in the making of a Formula 1 documentary.

The four-episode film is being shot by the Disney+ streaming service.

The story will focus on the events of 2009 and the Brawn GP team.

Keanu stated that the picture will tell an amazing story.

“Yes, we are trying to tell an amazing , wonderful story, – the actor himself told reporters. — When I first heard it, I was amazed. It was told to me by a producer friend who once worked for Ross Brown, and we decided to transfer it to the screens. It was interesting to learn more about what was happening in Formula 1 in 2009. The world of Formula 1 was extraordinary. He's always like that, but something special happened the year Brown won.” Т

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