Keanu Reeves talks about his attitude towards Meta and cryptocurrencies

Keanu Reeves talked about his attitude towards Meta and cryptocurrencies

American actor Keanu Reeves admitted that, although he is not a supporter of the NFTs and metauniverses created by tech corporations, he keeps “ some cryptocurrencies '' received as a gift.
< br /> “ Can't we just prevent the metaverse from being invented by Facebook? '', & mdash; he said, commenting on the activities of the Meta corporation.

Reeves also added that he personally has nothing against the technology giant headed by Mark Zuckerberg. According to him, the very concept of the metaverse is much older than the idea of ​​Meta, and the virtual world ruled by corporations is more like a dystopia.

The actor also said that he received a gift from a friend “ some cryptocurrencies ''. He added that he does not carry out any transactions with digital assets, but “ just owns them. ''

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