KAZKA has joined superdance Povaliy and ardent fans of Putin

KAZKA присоединилась к запроданке Повалий и ярым любителям Путина

Popular Ukrainian band decided to perform at the song contest of the Russian Federation

This is reported by Ukrainian media.

So, the popular group KAZKA, which had received current M1 Music Awards three awards, decided to sing in Russian “Song of the year”, which this year will take place not in Moscow, and the German arena ISS Dome.

The performance is scheduled for 2 March.

KAZKA присоединилась к запроданке Повалий и ярым любителям Путина

Ani Lorak has decided to “cling” to the popularity of KAZKA: I would have forbidden her to lose weight

“Through years, through distance. 2 March 2019 again these callsigns of the main music events, the most popular festival of modern pop music will sound in Germany! Debuts, opening, sensation, best rooms, top songs – all the milestones of another musical year at one stage, in one concert,” — said in the message.

Note that in addition to KAZKA, also agreed to act Verka Serduchka, Alekseev and Taisiya Povaliy, Dima Bilan, Lolita, Polina Gagarina and others.

Specify that Grigory Leps, Timati, group “A-Studio”, Polina Gagarina, Nyusha, Dima Bilan, Victoria Daineko, Alexander Panayotov, DJ Smash, TV-star Julia Baranovskaya, comedian Mikhail Galustyan, gymnast, Olympic champion Alexei Nemov. Wrote on the Kremlin’s orders, this track composer Igor Matvienko are members of the so-called “Putin’s Team”.

These performers have recorded a video of “Guiding star”, dedicated to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As previously reported, the song KAZKA Ukrainian group, which was at the top of the best charts in the world, was not as perfect as it seemed at first

Song KAZKA Ukrainian band “Crying,” which became the leader of the charts not only in Ukraine, but also entered the top 10 of the global Shazam chart, fell in love and Ukrainian scientists.

Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences have looked very carefully at the video. They drew attention to his Central image is the violet. According to scientists, the musicians made the clip a small mistake: in the shot they have bloomed do not that a violet. It is written on the page of natural science and history Museum of NAS in Facebook.

KAZKA присоединилась к запроданке Повалий и ярым любителям Путина

“A careful viewing of the video has convinced us that the screens got a bit not a violet. The star of the clip was Saintpaulia, aka African violet, which does not even belong to the family of violet! It is gesneriaceae, species which do not grow in a wild state in Ukraine”, — said the scientists.

They said that the Saintpaulia’s from the mountain regions of East Africa. In Tanzania and Kenya, these plants can be noticed near waterfalls and rivers.

Scientists have chosen a very original way to attract attention and to acquaint the readers with the flower, telling his story. It turns out that the Saintpaulia was discovered in 1892 by Walter von Saint Paul while Hiking in East Africa drew attention to a beautiful plant.

Walter gathered the seeds and sent them to his father Ulrich, who was the head of the German dendrological community. Only a year had them germinate botanist Hermann Wendland and named as new to science in the genus in honour of the father and of the son Saint-Paul. The first species of the genus was named Saintpaulia falconvideo, which was the beginning of great confusion.

KAZKA присоединилась к запроданке Повалий и ярым любителям Путина

Recall that the hit KAZKA listens to Russia and the whole world.

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