Katya Osadchaya told about the relationship with her husband

The TV presenter became the heroine of the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter Katya Osadchaya graced the cover of the June issue of Cosmopolitan magazine and gave a candid interview, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to lime.apostrophe.ua.

In conversation with journalists, a celebrity admitted than her conquered her husband Yuriy Gorbunov.

“I wouldn’t be able to live with a person inflexible. Some men are tyrants, who must be just so and not otherwise. Why? Because he said so, – makes a helpless gesture leading. Luckily, Yuri is not the same”.

According to Osadchaya, her future husband bribed qualities of man required to create a happy and harmonious relationship in the family.

“I saw that Yura has a huge set of qualities – caring, family, love of children, which will strengthen the marriage. And I was “bribed,” admitted Katya.

Katya Osadchaya and Yuri Gorbunov long concealed his novel, but after the birth of the baby, said that he had married.

Relationship leading originated in the project “Golos Krainy”. “We were near the dressing room, rehearsing together, runs, shooting, and suddenly it became clear that already a year has passed, I was free. Katya, probably, a bit later, but also became free. Well, somehow it suddenly turned out that we both are free. In General, somehow it all came together,” Gorbunov said earlier.

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Now the star couple has two-year-old son Ivan. For Osadchaya boy was the second child, and for Association first. At the presenter is the eldest son Ilya from the businessman and people’s Deputy Oleg Polishchuk.

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