Katrīna Gupalo and Andrejs Osokins have created a concert program dedicated to the Latvian National Day / Day

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Katrīna Gupalo and Andrejs Osokins have created a concert program dedicated to the Latvian National Day / Day

The new concert program will premiere on November 12 at 19.00 in Jelgava Culture House, followed by a concert on November 13 at 18.00 ZEIT in the Great Hall in Līgatne.

The program includes the most outstanding and emotional compositions of Latvian composers for piano solo and piano four hands, as well as soulful, picturesque and glorious songs by Emils Darzins and Alfreds Kalnins and Latvian folk songs in specially designed arrangements. Emils Darzins will be heard Say it an hour, that moment, How stolen, so slowly, Still you pick roses, My happiness, Close your eyes and smile, Resignation, Alfreds Kalnins I wonder, in the distance of dreams a It’s raining quietly, folk songs Dark night, green grass, Chamomile, chamomile, Blow, winds, Ai, jel my easy mind and many other songs and compositions.

“This year I wanted to experience the national holiday especially – to be present, to create something that would allow me not only to experience it personally at the same time, but also to give the exciting emotions of this holiday to others, increasing the sense of belonging to Latvia. a deeply personal and long-lasting feeling of celebration, ”says Katrīna Gupalo.

“Latvian piano music has always played a special role in my repertoire and I am very glad that we will meet with Katrīna in this music. we have developed, enriched and can not wait when we can share it with the listeners, “says Andrei Osokin.

Concert tickets The moon’s rays string Available at Jelgava Culture House and ZEIT in Līgatne Ticket paradises at the box office as well www.zeit.lv and TIME Cafe at the box office.

Other concerts of Katrīna Gupalo and Andrejs Osokins are also expected in the near future. Katrīna Gupalo with a solo program The velvety smell of a butterfly On October 16, he will visit the Dobele Concert Hall Zinta and October 24 at Luznava Manor. Andrejs Osokins piano music concert Osokin – to Beethoven On October 29, he will perform at the Krustpils Culture House in Jēkabpils, while on November 16, the pianist will perform at the new Yamaha in the concert of the grand piano in the concert hall of Liepāja Secondary School of Music, Art and Design.

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