Kate Silchenko on the education of daughters: delving into numerology and Human design, found out who are the Raves

Катя Сильченко о воспитании дочки:  Вникла в нумерологию и Human design, узнала, кто такие Рейвы

Kate Silchenko on the education of daughters: “delving into numerology and Human design, know it a Rave” [photos]
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Photo: instagram.com/katyasilchenko.

The birthday girl designer showed how grown up five year Sati.

My daughter designer Katie Silchenko birthday: November 29, she was five years old. Mother Sati showed in

Instagram of their family photos and talked about raising a daughter. The businessman’s wife camo Baghdasarian admitted that he studied numerology, human Design and Rave Psychology, trying to understand the nature of the child.

– Today is 5 years my biggest love and the most difficult puzzle game – written by Silchenko. In search of answers I read Petranovskaâ (Russian psychologist, educator and writer Lyudmila Petranovskaya. – AVT.), delving into numerology and Human design, found out who are the Raves and have learned to accept. Or rather, still learning.

According to celebrity, “grandma this is harder.”

– It is also very trying, saying that my brother quite well, others were. She stamped her foot – and we are silent ,and then look for approaches, switching attention, and so on, – said Silchenko.

Silchenko even discussed difficulties in education with the jewellery designer, close friend of Anne of piskunovoy.

– As my friend said Anya, “Sati-the sweetness of Eastern spice,” recalled Katya. – You know I’m ready to learn all the subtleties of the East to be her best friend.

In the comments Silchenko asked what type of it refers to the design of man.

– Reflector – Kate said.

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Human design (Human design) is a system of self-knowledge, the aim of which is to help people to know who he is, and based on this, the right to build a life.

Rave Psychology, according to its supporters, works with transformation of the mind: “It is intended for those few who are ready for this transformation and awakening of Personality”.


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