Kate Middleton pregnant? The embarrassing rejection

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Kate Middleton pregnant? The embarrassing rejection

Kate Middleton, from the cyclamen suit to the black jumpsuit

Kate Middleton is pregnant for the fourth time? Though the Duchess of Cambridge’s latest public appearances seem to belie the pregnancy, rumors of a new expectation are still circulating. A new doubt crept in when William’s wife he refused a glass of whiskey during his last tour of Northern Ireland.

Kate’s spoiled for whiskey

To return to the theme of Kate Middleton’s fourth pregnancy, the experts on real issues of the US Weekly, Molly Mulshine and Christina Garibaldi. The two journalists in fact commented on a video shared on social media by the royal correspondent, Richard Palmer, in which the Duchess of Cambridge is seen refuse a glass of whiskey in Ireland, accepted instead by her husband William.

The gesture of Kate, who was forced to decline the kind tribute, too with the risk of creating some embarrassment, has been interpreted by many as a valid clue that the Duchess is pregnant. On the other hand, Mulshine and Garibaldi disagree and have given another key to the refusal of Lady Middleton who, moreover, has agreed to drink beer in the company of William.

The interpretation of the experts

According to the experts, in fact, behind Kate’s refusal there is only a question of etiquette that has nothing to do with pregnancy: “William and Kate have visited Derry and touched every aspect of Irish life. But when Kate didn’t want the whiskey she probably thought it would drink a super alcoholic during the day while he is at work was not the best of behaviors “.

While as regards the fourth pregnancy, the experts believe that for William and his wife it is not the right time. In fact, the Dukes of Cambridge are increasingly involved with Court commitments and are preparing to support the Monarchy and the Queen who will celebrate 70 years of reign next year. Therefore, it would be too complicated for Kate to deal with a pregnancy that has always meant severe suffering for her in the first months and then be absent from court duties for months after giving birth.

On the other hand, Kate has been conquering the scene in recent times. After the premiere of No Time to Die, everything changed. He has shown that he has a strong bond with Carlo and her fantastic dress went like hot cakes, even if it costs 4000 pounds.


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