Kate Middleton may soon become a Princess

Кейт Миддлтон может в ближайшее время стать принцессой

37-year-old Kate Middleton yet bears the title of Duchess of Cambridge after the wedding with Prince William never became a Princess.

But soon she has all the chances to get this title, Royal experts believe, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the Facts.

The newspaper reminds that the last Princess of Wales was Diana. After her death the new wife of Prince Charles received only the title of Duchess of Cornwall. Camilla Parker Bowles never wanted to be a Princess out of respect to the memory of the mother of William and Harry.

According to sources at Kensington Palace, it has been several meetings to discuss, when Queen Elizabeth II will pass the throne to his son. Once Charles becomes king, William will become the Duke Cornwallace. But will he be the Prince of Wales, addressed to Charles. This is the traditional title of the eldest son of the monarch, but he does not go to him automatically.

“If William will get a title from his father when Charles becomes king, Kate will become Princess of Wales. And Camilla is Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall in England and Wales. Although, if she wants to, can still become a Princess,” explained Royal commentator Robert Jobson.

There is another, non-obvious choice — Prince of Wales Charles can pass on to William’s son George. Then Kate will forever be the Duchess.

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Other Royal experts believe that the title of Princess will receive exactly Middleton. “Yes, she will become it, that was the short answer. This process is not automatic, but it will definitely happen,” said Joe little, managing editor of the Royal edition MajestyMagazine.

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