Kate Middleton has put in a rigid framework: “a hard life Princess”

Кейт Миддлтон поставили в жесткие рамки: «тяжела жизнь принцессы»

Kate Middleton lives in the role of Princess, her life dream of many, but no one can not imagine how many nuances it has position

Many of the girls and women would like to marry a Prince, live in a Palace, dress from the best designers in the world and do charity work, instead of a daily sitting in the office.

To get a little closer to the fabulous life of the Duchess of Cambridge, let’s look at some tips which are generously shared Mika Mayer. She was tasked with learning manners, Kate Middleton, when she started Dating Prince William.

1. Always to issue invitation letters for guests

It is unlikely that you will draw your family and friends to dozens of invitations, sending them by delivery service. It is noteworthy that Kate Middleton does not.

Кейт Миддлтон поставили в жесткие рамки: «тяжела жизнь принцессы»

The Duchess invites you verbally or through e-mail. And there’s nothing wrong with to indicating those letters, the end time of the party, so you gently give to understand that they do not intend to walk all night.

2. Greet, touching cheek to cheek

Кейт Миддлтон поставили в жесткие рамки: «тяжела жизнь принцессы»

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In the world

Friends and close friends of the Duchess welcomes a double kiss: touching first the right cheek then the left. It is worth noting that in America, two kisses are reduced to one. Moreover, at official meetings with strangers Kate Middleton greets only a handshake.

3. To introduce the guests to each other

Кейт Миддлтон поставили в жесткие рамки: «тяжела жизнь принцессы»

Your task as hostess of the event, to ensure that all guests are happy and feel comfortable. First and foremost, you should introduce them all to each other, so no one felt left out.

4. Not to release the clutch from the hands

During all events, Catherine is holding her bag with both hands. Even when shaking hands, she never puts it on the table or on the chair next to the no longer holds under his arm. To free one hand, she simply takes the bag in his other hand. And when you need to sit down, Kate puts the bag between the back and the back of the chair, in any case not on the lap or on the floor nearby.

5. Sitting is allowed only in one position

The Duchess is seen on the posture. So, if a lady forced for a long time to sit without falling, uses a typical “pose of the Duchess”. It is necessary to sit straight, not leaning on the back of the chair, raise his chin so that he was parallel to the floor, knees and heels should be kept together.

Кейт Миддлтон поставили в жесткие рамки: «тяжела жизнь принцессы»

The second pose is called the “Cambridge cross”, its essence lies in the fact that you are slightly tilted to his knees, his legs criss-cross. This position visually lengthens the leg.

6. Hold the wine glass by the stem

First, pour the wine should be just up to the line capacity expansion. Second, hold the glass should be only by the stem, so as not to let the liquid heat up. And don’t forget, if you wear lipstick, then touch their lips should always be in the same place, not to create on the glass “milky ring”.

7. Bite three times, then stop

The Duchess always puts the devices and taste a dish three times in one approach. A maximum of four! And trying the soup, which is important, it will saferpay it with a spoon myself.

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