Kate Middleton and Prince William took a week off: “I plan to have another baby”

Кейт Миддлтон и принц Уильям взяли недельный отпуск: "планируют еще одного ребенка"

36-year-old Prince William and a 37-year-old Kate Middleton took a break for a week from Royal Affairs and duties

The reason they are extremely respectful, the exercise of the Royal parental responsibilities. Educational institutions, where their two older children, 5-year-old Prince George and 3 year old Princess Charlotte, will be closed for the holidays, so the couple decided to dedicate this week to them and 9-month-old Prince Louis.

Kate returned to her duties a few months after birth. The Dukes of Cambridge have been involved in many secular and charity events, making official visits,so the communication with the heirs they have not so much time.

Кейт Миддлтон и принц Уильям взяли недельный отпуск: "планируют еще одного ребенка"

At Kensington Palace has not yet disclosed the plans of the family vacation. Perhaps the parents leave three children in the country residence of Anmer Hall in Norfolk. They often go there during breaks in the Executive work. In the place made shots with them for a traditional Christmas card. William and Kate love snowboarding, skiing and other winter sports.

And in 2016 they, along with George and Charlotte vacationing in the French Alps. It isn’t excluded that this year they want to go to a ski resort, decided that Louis was old enough to accompany them, writes the People.

Кейт Миддлтон и принц Уильям взяли недельный отпуск: "планируют еще одного ребенка"

During his visit to the Garden of king Henry in the London borough of Islington Kate Middleton talked with the children. They asked her about George and Charlotte, then the Duchess of Cambridge said that they could not join her class. She noted that children would be upset if he learned that she was on this festival without them. George is already doing his math, history and ballet in his class at preschool Thomas’s Battersea. He is interested in space and everything connected with it. His sister last year in kindergarten Willcocks Nursery School.

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Кейт Миддлтон и принц Уильям взяли недельный отпуск: "планируют еще одного ребенка"

In addition, British tabloids are reporting that this year Kate Middleton intends to announce its fourth pregnancy. William and Kate always wanted to be parents. They dream of a fourth baby for example Elizabeth II.

Surrounded by a wife Prince to say she’s ready for it, despite the fact that her pregnancy always flowing and easy. However, the figure Kate is not affected. After the birth of her third child she became an even leaner. In addition, the family say that Kate already missed increased attention to pregnant women of the British Royal family, which is now entirely focused on Meghan Markle waiting for the firstborn.

Recall that Kate Middleton was caught in a drunken state.

As reported Politeka, slender Kate Middleton in jeans and high boots, was officially released from the decree.

Also Politeka reported that Kate Middleton dislike Meghan Markle.

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