Kārlis Kazāks summarizes his cycling experience in a book, there will also be an album

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Kārlis Kazāks summarizes his cycling experience in a book, there will also be an album

“We met. The road has also led to such a moment. For a funny moment. It is said that “Zvaigzne ABC” is already in Riga bookstores. I can’t say that. Like the fact that everything described in the book would have ever happened, ”said Kārlis Kazāks on social networks on October 1 about the upcoming book“ The Beginning Finds Us Himself ”.

This Monday, a book by Kārlis Kazāks about what happened in nine cycling music summers was displayed to potential readers at the Latvian National Theater Café. He almost wrote “in front of the listeners”, because Kazaks is still better known as a musician who can apply for a singing niche. The book “The Beginning Finds Yourself” contains stories about his team’s musical cycling experiences, but he would also like to collect the music he played in them. Kārlis said that he really tried to record it, but in the studio, and the result did not satisfy him. Therefore, it is thought to gather at some point in a much more relaxed atmosphere and record it in the “living”, which would basically correspond more precisely to the authentic atmosphere of its execution.

“The beginning finds us itself” It really is, if we allow ourselves, “Kārlis Kazāks writes in the introductory words of the book. “The story of the musical bicycle ride or bicycle music also started in a completely random evening conversation. Later, in nine summers and ten trips, the experience demanded to be told. It is suggested that the road, which is almost 5,000 kilometers long, is longer than originally planned. That is the nature of the road, and I will allow it. “The beginning finds us itself” is my story about people, roads and places in Latvia. It’s also a love story. “

During the opening ceremony of the book, Kārlis and actor Kaspars Zvīgulis took the heaviest of the narrators and admittedly – maybe this tandem is not as attractive as Ralph Eilands and Kaspars Breidaks, but close to it. Inspired by the fun and adventurous stories, the hand split the book from time to time to catch the eye of what is still interesting. There are many stories, also adventures, because these ten trips were on imaginative routes, for example, from Staburags to Oleri, from Zilupe to Krustpils, from Sakstagala to Rauna, from Tukums to Sārnate, from Kolka to Kazdanga, from Sigulda to Ērmaņmuiža, etc. Of course, there are interesting people with their interesting stories everywhere along the way, and, as Kazaks joked at the event, you have to live in Riga so as not to be mentioned in this book.

In addition to Kaspars Zvīgulis, the singer also mentioned musicians Kaspars Tobi, Juris Kroichs and Maija Uščs as his main team, but in each trip this team is overgrown with other people with whom it was a pleasure to play and simply spend time together. According to the present actor Arturs Krūzkops, these bike rides perfectly relieve your head of various work-related thoughts: if otherwise it took two weeks to get used to the idea that a vacation has begun, then during these trips the only thing to do with thoughts the next evening , is about how to climb the top of that steep hill … In turn, the people who visited the musical cyclists, had a Great Event to receive them, share their hospitality, listen and communicate – about it in this book. As a start, people find each other themselves.

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