Kardashian admitted that the seriously ill: “it is impossible to watch without tears”

Кардашьян призналась, что тяжело больна: «невозможно смотреть без слез»

Kim Kardashian, the popular model and actress complained of a worsening of such chronic diseases as psoriasis

38-year-old model Kim Kardashian long years of suffering from unpleasant and difficult to treat skin disease called psoriasis. Has anyone faced with this disease, he will not lie that the manifestation of this autoimmune disease quite strongly overshadows the life of the patient.

Кардашьян призналась, что тяжело больна: «невозможно смотреть без слез»

This disease typically has periods of remission and relapse. Kam Kardashian is already mentioned in the network, which is also a victim of this disease. Last week the model has complained that psoriasis again took her in his captivity.

In this regard, Kim decided to try a new tool in the fight against disease. Red, itchy and scaly patches Kardashian richly painted it with some brown substance. Ointment she liberally coated the whole under eye area, cheeks, forehead and chin

Model even dared to show a picture of her “treatment” on the network, signing it for the sake of brevity the phrase “Psoriasis — shit.”

Кардашьян призналась, что тяжело больна: «невозможно смотреть без слез»

She has also published stories in the Instagram photo of his feet, covered with red spots, which she sarcastically called sexy.

Additionally, the plan of the stars to pass light therapy, which the previous year had a positive effect in the fight against disease.

Thanks to light therapy, she managed to reduce red spots by 60 percent.

Kardashian is also taking blueberry detox smoothie, which she prepares.

It should be noted that exacerbation of psoriasis has not stopped Kim Kardashian from abandoning the makeup when attending the master class of your favorite makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.

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Кардашьян призналась, что тяжело больна: «невозможно смотреть без слез»

During the open lesson, the expert showed almost two thousand beginners and fans of Kim your make-up equipment.

At the same time, the star was politely asked not to publish too many pictures of her face. Apparently, she is still worried because of the pictures published in the Western media at the beginning of last week. Paparazzi photographed her during lunch with her sister Kourtney and Scott Disick in Los Angeles. The article was written that Kim “terrible skin” and acne all over his face.

Recall that Kim Kardashian had a fight with her younger sister because of the former.

As reported Politeka, the Kardashian sisters made dozens of transactions.

Politeka also wrote that Kim Kardashian showed the fans looked like before plastic.

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