Kandelaki: our people discovered Antarctica and will never kneel

 Kandelaki: our people discovered Antarctica and will never kneel

Deputy General Director of Gazprom-Media, Acting Director of the TNT TV channel Tina Kandelaki delivered a speech at the Luzhniki festival held today concert-rally dedicated to the Day of the reunification of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia. Kandelaki supported the Russian Paralympic athletes, who were suspended from participation in the 2022 Games in Beijing due to the situation in Ukraine.

“I was born in Georgia. I am probably one of the few who consciously chose Russia in 1995. My homeland since 1995— Russia. You know, we, people who speak different languages ​​and live in Russia, have always been united by the fact that Russia has always accepted and loved us. We proudly bear the title of a Russian person, despite all the difficulties and difficulties that we now have to go through. The biggest experiment in the history of mankind is taking place right now. This has never happened before, when an entire nation is being erased like a social media account. All because we speak Russian.
They tried to deprive us of the flag, the anthem and our athletes. Most recently, our Paralympians were kicked out of the Paralympics. And all why? Only for one simple reason: because we speak Russian. Then, according to this logic, Sikorsky, Malevich, Korolev, Rokossovsky… They tried to laugh at us, and we silently did our job. It was we who discovered Antarctica, invented a cure for anthrax and coronavirus. It is our ballet, theatre, arts and sports that are still the best in the world.

I'll tell you what: we can't be erased like a social media account, because we are a nation that cannot be broken . And even if they try to bring us to our knees, they will never succeed! Russia will never kneel!»— said Kandelaki.

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