Kaminska showed archival photos from the set of “Dancing with the stars”: “the Perfect image”

Каминская показала архивное фото со съемок "Танцев со звездами": "Идеальный образ"

The famous Ukrainian singer, the soloist of the group “Neangely” Glory Kaminska continues to delight followers with new images and videos

The singer is very often pleases fans on his page in social network Instagram different staging, or home snapshots.

Каминская показала архивное фото со съемок "Танцев со звездами": "Идеальный образ"

This time, the artist decided to imagine what a staged photograph. This the so is still archived, after all, in the same dress, the actress posed during a special filming for the show “Dancing with the stars” in one of the seasons which he participated.

“The image of my dreams 🥰 — @olgaslon ❤ this thanks for the photo @syushkov 😘 #tanzsprache clip for the goddess @navy.atelier 🥰 ” – written under a new photo of the star.

It is also worth noting that fans praised the star image, saying that she looks lovely and this outfit is perfect.

Also recall that during your participation in a dance show on the court the company of sexy singer Fame Kaminskaya was the winner of the 1st season of the renewed “Dancing with the stars” Igor Kuzmenko.

Каминская показала архивное фото со съемок "Танцев со звездами": "Идеальный образ"

Earlier, the star boasted a vivid picture in which she poses in “the Club of healthy pleasures – the 5th Element”.

Kaminska posing standing in the snow on the street in a continuous red swimsuit that accentuates her trim figure.

The actress appeared in the photo polubokom and with a smile on his face looking at the camera. Her hair down and no makeup. Glory raised her hands to her head, but not to her, and on her feet are white Slippers-flip flops. Also, fans noticed a small tattoo on the ankle of the singer.

Каминская показала архивное фото со съемок "Танцев со звездами": "Идеальный образ"

In the caption, Thank Kaminskaya wrote: “I was there”.

Fans of the stars in awe of her unusual image, and covered with the glory of the compliments in the comments. Many admire the figure of Kamina, and she is the mother of two children, although some do not exclude that over the body of the glory of the job her husband is a plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky.

“Pretty woman”, “Goddess”, “only Pictures?”, “Glory, how could you? In a swimsuit in the snow? Gonna get sick”, “Thank you I went in the hole?”, “Beautiful and slim snow the little mermaid”, “Wow. Good for you. I still can’t decide. I’m always cold and in a fur coat, and a sheepskin coat. You are a hero,” “Glory, have not been sick a long time with a temperature of not lying?”, “Very beautiful”, “You beauty!”, “Just like a Malibu lifeguard”, “the Figure is just super, a Lot of photoshop. The girl is beautiful without it”, “You look good in that swimsuit,” write in the comments to the photo Kaminskaya.

We will remind, the man of Fame Kaminskaya “distorted” patient, it’s hard to believe in this reincarnation.

As reported Politeka, Thank Kaminska dramatically changed her image.

Also Politeka wrote that the Glory of the “Deangelos” showed “the birds and the bees”.

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