Kamensky was surprised in a new way: “Partner Mishka”

Каменских удивила новым образом: "Напарница Кошевого"

Famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky shared with subscribers of a new photo

Nastya Kamensky actively engaged in their own page in Instagram, share photos and videos in their daily life.

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskih, which is now under the pseudonym NK, continues to delight fans with new songs and music videos.

Каменских удивила новым образом: "Напарница Кошевого"

So, this time the singer seems to have decided to rehabilitate and put bright selfies in a new way. Recently, the actress shocked the audience naked photo, which posed barely covered by the white blanket, and exposed at this fifth point in the public eye.

It seems that the barrage of criticism that hit forced the artist to “fix”. So, Kamensky published a total of thirty minutes ago cute scenes where she poses in a bright pink suit and a white shirt. On the face of the singer flaunts a light, almost glittery makeup.

“Snmma last season komku 😋”, — wrote the artist a new photo.

Fans Kamensky also in the side was left and began to actively respond to natural seen selfie of the singer. While the comments were positive – the actress was praised for the gorgeous appearance and negative – some remembered a habit Kamenskih naked on camera, noting the previous selfie.

“Model 😍”, “Cool🔥”, “❤️❤️❤️the I!😘”, “For a Gypsy like 😁”, “Beauty💖”, “Chic”, “Beautiful girl 😊”, “Beauty🔥🔥🔥💜”, “Bunny😍😍😍❤️❤️🔥”, “Beauty😙😙😙”, “the Miracle is within us, it is not necessary to look elsewhere✨”, “Oh, who disclosed the affair partner Mishka🔥”, “Nastya, as always, gorgeous😍🔥”, “In, boy, dressed, at last !”, “Beautiful😍” — write users.

Каменских удивила новым образом: "Напарница Кошевого"

Каменских удивила новым образом: "Напарница Кошевого"

Каменских удивила новым образом: "Напарница Кошевого"

Каменских удивила новым образом: "Напарница Кошевого"

Каменских удивила новым образом: "Напарница Кошевого"

Earlier, we also wrote that recently the actress has released a music video for the song “Ass like Kim”. Video the singer has published in his YouTube channel.

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Каменских удивила новым образом: "Напарница Кошевого"

In the frame Kamensky staged erotic dances in different spicy and even provocative images — black and white.”Ass like Kim” — the idols of modernity, women trendsetters who dictate fashion and delight millions. Modern girls follow their example and strive to learn the distinct features of each, but in the pursuit of beauty and booty like Kim it is important to remember that the same Kim or Beyonce doing a special one not only feet and form, but primarily the love of ourselves. A trend is such a fickle thing, so you need to look at them with irony,” says the description of the clip Kamensky.

And now the star has decided to conquer the web spicy. The fact that the singer posted on his page photo, which poses completely naked, barely covered by the blanket. While Kamensky though intentionally put their shape, showing off her figure, and Recalling in this unpretentious way about her new song “Ass like Kim”.

“Who else have you seen my #papasakoti 🍑 link in profile ⬆ app”, – wrote the artist.

Fans began to actively discuss the scandalous, because it caused a flurry of indignation. According to many of falleros, the star has been overdone with naked photos and provocative poses.

Recall, Nastya Kamenskikh discovered the secret to weight loss.

As reported Politeka, Nastya Kamenskikh stunned fans of the new swimsuit.

Also Politeka wrote that Kamensky fueled rumors of a romance with the captain

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