Kamensky was accused of abuse of plastics: Silicone

Каменских обвинили в злоупотреблении пластикой: "Силикон"

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky suspected in breast augmentation

Famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky, who performs under the pseudonym NK, recently radically changed the way and well lost weight, and brags on his page in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity took a selfie in one of the institutions of Kiev, reports “Know.sa”.

So, the artist once again demonstrated the habit, thrusting his fingers into his mouth, and fans noticed that his chest Nastya strongly grew in size. However, recently the singer also suspected of pregnancy.

Каменских обвинили в злоупотреблении пластикой: "Силикон"

“#dayoff”, — laconically signed Kamensky. Followers will not have passed, “Where did Nastia Boobs come from? Silicone ? Miami was still flat”, “Bra clearly over push-up. In swimsuit, Nastia tiny Boobs”, “Well, stop biting your nails!”, “Don’t bite your nails! You also asked”, “Nasty you’re pregnant??”.

Каменских обвинили в злоупотреблении пластикой: "Силикон"

Каменских обвинили в злоупотреблении пластикой: "Силикон"

Earlier Nastya Kamensky lit up in an embrace with a mysterious stranger. It was very similar to Potap: bald, bearded, successful and very handsome. Did the singer decided to find a replacement for his longtime producer?

Nastya Kamensky and Potap — one of the most controversial and discussed couples of Ukrainian show-business, relationships which still remain under question for the media.

Of even more interest to the creative Union broke out after rumors of pregnancy Kamensky. The father of the unborn child fans called Potap. Celebrity still has not commented on this information, but continue to stir interest in his pair.

8 Feb on his official page in Instagram section Stories Kamensky posted a photo in the arms of a charismatic stranger. In the picture they are laughing and fooling around on camera. Judging from the paraphernalia, they came together on the sports and cheer for their idols from the podium.

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Каменских обвинили в злоупотреблении пластикой: "Силикон"

It turned out that the man next to star — Sergei Makovets (@bigmak7), team member of the production center Potap Mozgi Entertainment. He had close, but extremely friendly relationship with Kamensky. The man helped the singer to organize a recent U.S. promotional tour for “Peligroso”. And today he celebrates his 52nd birthday and Nastya decided to publicly congratulate my colleague and friend.

Recall, Nastya Kamenskikh discovered the secret to weight loss.

As reported Politeka, Nastya Kamenskikh stunned fans of the new swimsuit.

Also Politeka wrote that Kamensky fueled rumors of a romance with the captain

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