Kamensky in cotton thongs sexy bared “sweet buns”

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Kamensky in cotton thongs sexy bared “sweet buns”

Ukrainian diva frolicked in front of the mirror in the toilet against the background of the toilet. Surprising the crazed fans.

Nastya Kamenskikh. Photo: Instagram.com/ kamenskux

Nastya Kamenskikh – the girl is prominent and memorable. On her personal Instagram page, the Ukrainian diva published bold pictures that were taken at the mirror in the toilet. Moreover, the singer herself posed against the background of the toilet, which amused the crazed fans a lot. In the frame, the beloved of rapper Potap flashed sweet “buns” in white cotton thongs. The rounded charms of the star, as the fans noticed, practically swallowed the tight panties, in which the pop diva showed off for a selfie.

Kamensky in cotton thongs sexy bared “sweet buns”

Nastya Kamenskikh in white cotton thongs flashed an elastic “float”. Photo: Instagram.com/kamenskux

“The baking of the thong has swallowed up”, “Miss noble nut is back in business”, “What a tug I ate for myself”, “Is your dad a baker by accident ??” What kind of footage in front of the toilet? Is that sexy ?? “,” Bee! Nastya, why are these selfies in the toilet ?? “,” Do you walk around the house in a thong? ” This is what made hubby fall in love with herself ”,“ Shame! She put her legs on display again “,” In the toilet? This is a masterpiece “,” If only to shine with rolls “, – wrote the followers.

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