Kamensky has explained what he was doing in quarantine

Каменских рассказала, чем занимается на карантине

Kamenskih told in quarantine
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Photo: instagram.com/kamenskux

The singer showed fans one day in the life of.

During the quarantine, celebrities are trying to open the curtain of his domestic life for fans. They hold live shows, in which randomly choose subscribers and communicate with them, organize online concerts to cheer up citizens.

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky conducting training live, on Instagram on March, 26, released a video on his YouTube channel “NKBLOG”. In it she shared with fans one day in the life of quarantine.

Now is the time to show their awareness, because each of us is responsible not only for their lives but for the health of their loved ones. Stay possibly at home, spend time with benefit and with me 🙂 stay positive and keep calm. Exercise and read books. In the blog, by the way, will find my personal recommendations. Remember that now is the only effective way to protect yourself from COVID-19 – this is the most isolated, – she wrote.

Nastya wakes up often at 6am. The first thing is to brush your teeth, takes a shower and puts on a face care cosmetics, after – patches under the eyes. On empty stomach star always drink a glass of plain water. According to her, this is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Being in Mexico Kamensky together with her husband captain for Breakfast eat yogurt with variety of fruits, however, back in Ukraine again started eating oatmeal. In the mess, the singer adds the grated apples.

– We usually run with Alex early in the morning, do a training session with Andrew (trainer couples – ed.). Then, we go to shower, and eat. But today, due to the fact that subscribers voted online classes on Instagram at 9 am, I had to change my schedule, she said.

At 10.30, the singer second Breakfast: avocado, slabosolenym salmon and scrambled eggs. After Nastya calls up a video with his assistants: Leroy and Ilona – to solve business issues.

– Quarantine quarantine, but the work goes on. Breakthrou the curtain and tell you that we shot a new music video and recorded an album – shared Kamensky.

Books, who reads NK

  • Yuval Noah Harari – “Sapiens. A brief history of mankind”
  • Chris Anderson is a Successful TED talk
  • John Grisham – “The Island Of The Camino”
  • Lauren Oliver’s “Before I fall”
  • Luc ferry – a brief history of thought: a Treatise on philosophy for the younger generation
  • Raymond Kurzweil and Terry Grossman – Transcend: Nine steps on the path to eternal life
  • Phil knight – the History of Nike, as told by its founder
  • Suzanne Morrison – Yoga club. Life below the neck
  • Tony Buzan – Supermemory

13:30. Nastya Kamensky showed fans that loves to cook for lunch. She fried a steak of veal on the grill, boiled wild rice and made a green salad (lettuce, bell pepper, corn, olive oil, salt to taste).

Walked Mimi, and now I’m going to write a song for a loved piano which was in the parental home, – said the singer.

NK played a clip of a new song on the instrument and acknowledged it will be included in one of the albums, but to tell you the details did not. At 17:40 Nastia dinner (asparagus with meat – ed.), after scheduled Spanish.

– I studied language and to quarantine on Skype. It is very convenient. Neither me nor the teacher do not need to spend time on the road. Give you the opportunity to spy on me during class, she said.

Evening, the wife trying to hold together, and quarantine gives them the opportunity to do it every day. Together, they watch the show “monk”, who advised his fans. And at 21:30 the couple already out.


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