Kamensky called off the wedding with Potapov: “had an accident”

Каменских отменила свадьбу с Потапом: "Произошел несчастный случай"

About the novel Nastya Kamensky and Potap conversations go for a long time, but few people know that the lovers were supposed to get married in 2016

So, informed sources told reporters that the alleged star really wanted to get married.

Note that fueled rumors about the novel stars the words mom Alexey Potapenko that Anastasia was his Muse for life.

Note that the wedding of the star couple, which was leaked to the media source from the inner circle of stars was scheduled for August, but it was postponed due to injury of the bride.

Каменских отменила свадьбу с Потапом: "Произошел несчастный случай"

On the eve of the wedding of Nastya unsuccessfully jumped with a parachute and broke his leg. Not wanting to walk down the aisle on crutches, Kamensky called off the wedding.

Last year Nastya Kamensky and Potap together lost weight and now look even better than it was 10 years ago.

Каменских отменила свадьбу с Потапом: "Произошел несчастный случай"

Information of insiders and the insights of the journalists confirmed by the recent sensational news that Potap and his wife Irina Gorovaya divorced. The ex-wife divorced two years ago, though, they say, have as long as five years, they don’t live together. To declare this publicly Potap decided just now. It is likely fans of “Potap and Nastya” is even more loud news.

Каменских отменила свадьбу с Потапом: "Произошел несчастный случай"

Moreover, the relationship between Kamensky and Potapov exposed fans. They spied on their profiles Instagram in those holiday abroad together. Such a conclusion fans have made of the geolocation of photos of the stars — they were the same, although the joint images of the pair were not. Kamensky also recently appeared in Instagram vacation photos, which it captured from the pool. The same pattern was in the photographs of Potap, which further confirmed their joint vacation.

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Каменских отменила свадьбу с Потапом: "Произошел несчастный случай"

We will remind, the captain noticed on the streets of Kiev in sloppy form.

As reported Politeka, after Carole and Kamensky, Potap targeting winnik.

Also Politeka wrote that Kamensky had addressed the fans in the Ukrainian language and disgraced.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine

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