Kamensky accidentally lighted engagement ring: Is married

Каменских нечаянно засветила обручальное кольцо: Неужели замужем

Ukrainian singer and the judge of the vocal show “X-factor” Nastya Kamensky (NK) lit up in public with a wedding ring

So, the artist posted on his Instagram page a few pictures from the set of “X-factor”. On the ring finger of her right hand sparkles with a ring resembling an engagement ring.

Iconic accessory on hand Nastya has noticed it and her fans by writing in the comments to the post.

Каменских нечаянно засветила обручальное кольцо: Неужели замужем
“But I saw the ring on your finger?”, “Unreal! And with a ring”, “really secretly married?”, “obruchka is, and her husband hides”, “Anastasia. who do you put the ring on her finger? Do not hide the groom” etc.

Rumors that between Potap and Nastya Kamensky — Roman, began to spread even in 2017. Then the famous duet “Potap and Nastya” was put on pause, and Alex Potapenko divorced with his wife Irina Gorovoy. After these events, Kamensky has appeared regularly in public with a ring that resembles an engagement, but to comment on their relationship refused.

Attentive fans believe that on some photo Potap and Nastya are the same scenery when they went on holiday abroad. In addition, the fans speculated that the stars were taking pictures of each other on the same boat. A new joint photo of Miami only podstegivaet fantasy fans and provoke new rumors about the relationship of celebrities.

Каменских нечаянно засветила обручальное кольцо: Неужели замужем

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We have previously reported that the actress has published on his page in social network Instagram funny stuff from the gym showed how rocking the legendary “ass like Kim”. The woman helped her personal trainer and her former colleague, with whom the star spoke out for years – the rapper Potap.

Каменских нечаянно засветила обручальное кольцо: Неужели замужем
Fans noticed the funny scenes in the tape Kamensky, immediately began to comment on what he saw, strongly praising the star for her appearance and the desire to exercise, supporting your body in the correct shape.

Recall Kamensky amused fans with a new photo in a bathing suit.

As reported Politeka, Kamenskikh and Potap together: the mystery photo explained everything.

Also Politeka wrote that Kamensky had aged 10 years old, her new photo has deprived fans speechless.


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