Kamenskih told about the plastic and the men “wanted to have sex for money”

Каменских рассказала о пластике и мужчинах: "Хотели переспать за деньги"

Nastya Kamensky told about his personal and sexual life

31-year-old singer popular among men. And some supporters make Nastya Kamenskih quite daring proposals. The singer talked about the relationship with the opposite sex.

Gorgeous shape, revealing outfits, and 31-year-old Nastya Kamenskih that have a natural bright appearance, mercilessly exploits the sexuality both on stage and in everyday life. Besides, the singer is in no hurry to share the details of his personal life that for many men seems to be a hint of freedom. No wonder Kamensky has an army of fans, many of whom will do anything to see the artist live.

Каменских рассказала о пластике и мужчинах: "Хотели переспать за деньги"

In a recent interview with Nastya admitted that provided fans using their status and tried to “buy” her. Such suggestions are offensive to her — she responds with a categorical refusal on them.

“I have this all exactly, there were different men, and many of them wanted to sleep with me for money. Even once approached the Captain and asked, “Talk to this chick”, because I can stand up for himself. I resent rich people who believe that everything in life is for sale,” — said Nastya.

Kamensky no secret that fans make her a gorgeous gift that she is also in no hurry to take. By the way, about the personal life of the singer there are a lot of rumors. “I always attribute the novels, which are actually not, she said. — People talking about non-existent children. While I’m not ready for marriage, although I know somewhere inside myself that the time has come”.

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Каменских рассказала о пластике и мужчинах: "Хотели переспать за деньги"

Maybe someone does seem strange, but Anastasia admits that sometimes it is difficult because of its appearance. The singer is trying to work on myself-doing sport and prefer healthy food. “I like the buckwheat, light salads. Lately don’t eat meat. But sometimes like bread. Recently was on vacation and didn’t have dinner — I’m good! I also go to bed early”, — said the artist.

With regard to plastics, Kamensky it is not in a hurry. She is afraid of losing individuality. “Perhaps I think about such radical methods when I become much older,” — said confidently Nastya.

We will remind, Kamensky went too far with photoshop and began to look like Michael Jackson.

As he wrote Politeka, Kamensky shocked all new vulgar photos.

Also Politeka wrote that lorac has put an end in relations with Murat, there was a bright picture of happy sabredance.

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