Kamaliya returned the stolen phone, but was even more upset

Камалия вернула украденный телефон, но расстроилась еще больше

Kamaliya returned the stolen phone, but was even more upset
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Photo: instagram.com/kamaliyaofficial.

The singer explained why her income loss mobile has caused so much emotion.

Ukrainian singer Kamaliya returned the cell phone he lost in a shopping center of Kiev. The singer said in Instagram that still upset the device memory resets. The star said: can afford a new expensive phone, but how to bring pictures of your family?

– I am grateful to all who helped: the national police, friends, journalists who have created such a resonance and “stimulated” the search, said in the post. Some wrote in the comments, they say, is not a shame to buy a new phone. Yes, I can afford it. But how to be with pictures of my loved ones and dear people?!! But, unfortunately, from the phone delete all the data. I will continue to be very attentive and careful, and warn you. See, I already got a gift for Valentine’s Day, thank you so much!

IPhone Pro Max from Kamaliya pulled a Gypsy. According to the singer, the thief worked “with the precision of a surgeon.” It was recorded by a surveillance camera. Kamaliya said: the theft happened in the store, “Adobes grashok” in Ocean Plaza. Celebrity encouraged visitors a shopping center to be careful.

The 42-year-old Kamaliya told about the relationship with her husband, billionaire Mohammad Zahoor. According to the singer, she jealously refers to it. The couple had lived for 16 years but has retained a passion. In an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Ukraine” Kamaliya said what tricks kindle the fire of love.


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“Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Ukraine” found out that was stored in her purse, which was stolen from the car of the pop diva January 11.

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