Kamaliya on the education of daughters: Beat on the ass with a whip

Камалия о воспитании дочерей:  Била по попкам хлыстиком

Kamaliya on the education of daughters: “Beat on the ass whip”
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Photo: facebook.com/kamaliya.zahoor.

In difficult situations the singer says Arabella and Mirabella that goes “behind lozinku”.

Singer Kamaliya told about the methods of upbringing their children Mohammad – twins Arabella and Mirabella. In “Life vdoma people” they said that ten years wanted to become parents. The birth of girls was a joy to his father, so when Kamaliya something they forbid, they are converted to a loving Mohammad.

It turns out that Kamaliya has penetrated into pedagogy and psychology, when preparing for motherhood.

– Rude I supervise the children to respect others, not matter who is a nurse, staff or anyone else. So girls if someone is rude, we criticize and punish them, said the star.

It turned out that Kamaliya ignores children’s historians. If children do not understand, she uses other methods.

Once it came to pass that I beat on the ass with a horse whip. They are acting very poorly, and I had, but not much, a little bit. However, it was enough, because when I now say go for lozinki for them, it is instantly, – confessed celebrity.

Kamaliya added that, although they Zahoor and children live in a mansion, the daughters try to bring up modestly. It is important for them to feel like regular kids, not rich. In September the girls went to school, and the star told how saved on their preparation for school.

However, Kamaliya spoils girls, arranging holidays. On the sixth anniversary, she organized a holiday for them with the dolphins in Odessa, and on Halloween dressed up girls in the costumes of the evil Queen and Malifecent.


Kamaliya took in the clip of his family and Nina Matvienko

Kamaliya, the singer shared with fans a personal story. In the new video for the song “Dona, don’t cry” star confessed how her life changed when she had children and told about the joys of motherhood.

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