Kalush Orchestra refused to perform at the festival with the Russians

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 Kalush Orchestra refused to perform at the festival together with the Russians

The winners of Eurovision-2022, the Kalush Orchestra, will not perform at the Montenegrin Sea Dance Festival, as the organizers refused to cancel the performance of Russian DJs Nina Kravitz and Anfisa Letyago.

The organizers explained this by that artists from the Russian Federation are allegedly “not on the side of war and suffering, but on the side of peace and unity.”

“Sea Dance Festival sympathizes with all the victims of the war and condemns the Russian invasion and suffering that are Ukraine… We believe that discrimination of any person and artist on the basis of nationality is absolutely unacceptable, and to cancel the performance of a performer just because he or she is from a certain country – wrong for both Sea Dance and the rest of the world community,” the organizers said.

In turn, the leader of the Kalush Orchestra, Oleg Psyuk, said that the band would not perform with Russians on the same stage, so they will not be at the festival.

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