Kalush called on a “third country” to intervene in the evacuation of the military from Azovstal

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Oleg Psyuk, the leader of the winners of the Eurovision 2022 Kalush Orchestra called on the “third country” to intervene in the evacuation of the Ukrainian military from Azovstal.

This happened at a press conference that took place immediately after the end of the competition.

“This is a great misfortune for our country. For those who don't know, this is the last blockade – more than a thousand people surrounded on all sides. And they can't get out. Therefore, we are asking for some third country to intervene to give them a way out,” he said.

Kalush Orchestra competition rules:

“We understand the deep feelings around Ukraine at the moment and believe that the statements of the Kalush Orchestra and other performers expressing support for the Ukrainian people are of a humanitarian, not political nature.”< br />

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