Kaia Gerber publishes photos in bikini

When fashion brands and cosmetic giants do not publish pictures of Kaia Gerber in the network, she does it herself, so we didn’t forget about this young, but successful girl. Today, for example, Kaya takes a break from filming and study, placing along the way in Instagram their pictures in a bikini.


Kaya, by the way, in an interview once admitted that carefully selects the photos that they post in their social networks because he wants to carry the weight of only the positive. Take her page all in the same Instagram, where the girls of subscribers to more than two million people. According to Gerber, it is very much disciplinarum.

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It is important to me to be a good role model for young girls. I do not take lightly any social network. Is it important to carry a good.

A good mother teaches her. So, Kaia (while her peers are eager to grow up soon with outright outfits and bright make up) makes a bet on naturalness. Less is more — the main rule of beauty Cindy Crawford, Kaia which it was adopted.

Mom is so naturally beautiful! Seriously! When she wakes up in the morning, it looks luxurious. Her beauty is in her presence, but not in styling or makeup.


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Meanwhile, someone is trying to blame Gerber in the eating disorder (say, age is young, the business model has played in a child’s psyche), she continues to live the life of a normal teenager.

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Maintenance — of course, what I think, but don’t obsess. I move a lot, but don’t want immediately after waking up to run to the gym. If you offer me pizza or ice cream, I eat it. If you don’t eat it in 15, then when?

— said in an interview model.


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