Kahn radio refuses to include Omer Adam in the playlist

Kahn radio refused to include Omer Adam in the playlist

It seems that Omer Adam is deeply stuck because of his new racist song, which he dedicated to Russian-speaking girls.

And the radio station Kahn has already refused to play it to the playlist.

The letter on behalf of the radio station said: “In general and in principle, music stations broadcasting public service broadcasters do not call for a boycott or removal of any work or artist.” But in the letter, the deputy director of the corporation added that “ as a native of a Russian-speaking family, I am worried about such stereotypes and racism. ''

Netta Barzilai publicly apologized and withdrew her support for Omer Adam. The girl said that initially she just liked the rhythm and music, but she did not think much about the words. And only when thousands of messages from her fans and various human rights organizations came to her on the social network, it dawned on her what she supported.

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