Justin long talked about the joke, scared of Bruce Willis

Джастин Лонг рассказал о шутке, напугавшей Брюса Уиллиса

Actor Justin long, who played with Bruce in “die hard 4.0” in a recent interview said that when they filmed the chase scene at high speed, which was created without special effects, he decided to play partner.

Bruce advised Justin to take a pill for motion sickness, as the car had a strong shake, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to kinoafisha.ua.

Instead, the actor filled his mouth with portion of oatmeal and after shooting to question Willis about the health of said simulated gag urge, dumped the mess on themselves.

Suddenly Bruce began to shout in panic to ask to release it from the car.

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It is difficult to understand the motives of such a fear, but a tough Nut to crack too man!

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