Justin Bieber has found a way to get rid of depression

Джастин Бибер нашел способ избавиться от депрессии

It seems, as Justin Bieber is slowly improving.

Recently the contractor submitted a joint track with ed Sheeran called I Don’t Care and bright music video. And now the paparazzi caught him training in one of the gyms of Los Angeles, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to popcornnews.ru.

Healthy body, healthy mind, and Justin Bieber there is no priority more important. Depression musician had several times to postpone the wedding ceremony with Hailey Baldwin, but according to the couple, they did not abandon plans. Bieber is being treated, and also gets help from the pastor of their Church and seem to have achieved some success. The fact that Justin began to feel better, confirmed an anonymous source from the inner circle of the singer.”I think he really helped. It changed his thoughts. Now he lives in the present day and focuses on what is happening here and now. If he starts to think about the future, experiencing stress,” — said the insider.

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Bieber really began to devote more time to creativity. He released a new track with ed Sheeran, which, according to him, inspired him to work on new music. Perhaps in the near future he will present to fans a new album.

Джастин Бибер нашел способ избавиться от депрессии

Los Angeles, CA — *EXCLUSIVE* — Justin Bieber is back in the gym and the pop star opted for a no-shirt workout! The married singer-songwriter appears to be working out his back and shoulders with resistance bands as he showcases his tattooed body.

Pictured: Justin Bieber



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