Justice. The conviction of R. Kelly, “major turning point” for the recording industry in the age of #MeToo

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Justice. The conviction of R. Kelly, “major turning point” for the recording industry in the age of #MeToo

A New York jury has recognized the ex-RnB superstar, author of the hit “I believe I can fly”, guilty of sex trafficking. Allegations of his abusive behavior with minors date back to the 1990s. The era of #MeToo marked a change. R. Kelly, 54, faces life imprisonment.

In her long career, media lawyer Gloria Allred has tackled “Predators” comme Harvey Weinstein et Jeffrey Epstein, remind him Guardian. In his eyes, R Kelly “Is the worst”. Monday, September 27 in New York, after a trial started on August 18, a jury declared one of the big stars of the RnB of the last thirty years guilty of sex trafficking and racketeering, a term generally reserved for crime. organized. He faces life imprisonment. His sentence will not be known until May 4, 2022.

“First, he used the power granted by his celebrity to recruit minors with the aim of sexually abusing them”, explained Gloria Allred, cited by CNN. “Then he used many of his employees to assist him and allow him to attract his victims, isolate them, intimidate them, control them, indoctrinate them, punish them and humiliate them”, added the lawyer.

Today’s verdict forever enshrines R.Kelly as a predator, who has used his fame and fortune to prey on the young, the vulnerable, the voiceless ”, confirmed prosecutor Jacquelyn M. Kasulis. “He used his inner circle to trap for decades underage young men and women in a sordid network of sexual abuse, exploitation and humiliation”.

the Washington Post you can in the decision of the twelve jurors a “Iconic conclusion to the most publicized trial of the #MeToo era in the music industry”. Real name Robert Sylvester Kelly, singer of 54

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