Just tell 1, episode 2: watch online new series STB

Тільки скажи 1, 2 серія: дивитись онлайн новий серіал СТБ

Just tell me

The STB channel launched a new series “Just ask.” This is a melodrama about a love triangle. 4 Dec went 1 and 2 of the series – see the episodes online and read the plot.

The series “Just tell me” tells the story of a simple teacher Margaret, who finds out about her husband’s infidelity. Here, her life ceases to be so, as before, and divided into “before” and “after”. Margaret is upset and filed for divorce, but soon her life will be a new man. New problems, because this person is the bride. This is a story about feelings and love triangle as it is.

Among the actors who played in the series of Olga Grishina, Sergey Denga, Valentin Tomusiak, Anna Salivanchuk, Viktor Andrienko and others.

4 Dec on STB published the first two series of romance, and that’s what happened to them!


The main character Margarita Kurbatova appears before the audience as a young student. She fell in love with his teacher, mark married. He uses the naivety of the girl and feeds her with promises about the imminent divorce.

Soon she learns that is pregnant, but mark does not support and advises her to have an abortion. Margarita makes a choice in favor of the child. Mark disappears from her life.

Watch online 1 episode of the series “Just tell” from 4-12-2019

It has been 12 years and now Margaret is a school teacher and the mother of a teenager Egor. Her son is smart and talented, but shy and has problems in communication with peers.

Accidents are not accidental – Egor met with the famous Director and offers him a job in the new series. Rita gets to the set, where she meets popular actor Anton Polyansky.

In life Margaret starts a romantic adventure, but pleasant do they? Between Rita and Antonom a spark. And suddenly in the life of the main character’s father Yegor mark. The girl will again have to make a choice: to return to the former or to start a new relationship?


Still love Rita mark is actively courting a girl, but he does not know that he has a grown son. Margaret doesn’t know, wants to introduce the father and the son, and lacks the courage to confess everything.

The actor Anton has bride Olga, which sees the romantic vibes between her lover and the Margarita. Anton pays a lot of attention not only Rita, but also Egor. Their relationship is very warm, and Olga is jealous.

Watch online 2 series “Just tell” from 4-12-2019

Somehow Anton invites Egor to go with him to play in the children’s home. There is the actor meets up with Rita, and between them is a Frank conversation.

Then the audience will observe the evolution of Rita’s relationship with Anton and mark. Whether the girl’s family future with actor and mark finds out about his son?

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