Juppe says his call up to the Macron : “We’re not there yet”

Emmanuel Macron and Alain Juppe shake hands at Villepinte in June 2017.


The sequence has not gone unnoticed. Saturday, during the commemorations of 11 November on the Champs-Élysées, Emmanuel Macron, and Alain Juppé exchanged a warm handshake. The mutual esteem between the two men could well be translated on the political level. In the journal South-West
the mayor of Bordeaux calls for the creation of a “grand central” for the european elections scheduled in may 2019. “The question is, who will take the leadership. But if Macron remains in the line of his speech at the Sorbonne, I see no incompatibility, ” assured Alain Juppé.

The former Prime minister made reference to the speech pro-european pronounced by the president at the Sorbonne at the end of September, on which it found ” few things wrong “. Alain Juppé, who appreciate a head of State who ” wets his shirt “, is found in the “credibility of French found” and the ” reappearance of a capacity of initiative “, which Emmanuel Macron has engaged in its reforms. Against the line Wauquiez, who advocated a turn to the right, the mayor of Bordeaux is more “forgiving” towards Emmanuel Macron and Prime minister Edouard Philippe, his former protégé. “Édouard Philippe is brave. We are beginning to see that it exists. What he has done on the New-Caledonia, cap ! “enthused Alain Juppe, who seems to be moving away more and more of the Republicans.

On Sunday, Alain Juppé, however, mitigated his remarks by tweeting : “common List with E. Macron to the european ? It is not there. “

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List common with E. Macron to the european ? It is not there, what gives me The Figaro. False news, once again !

— Alain Juppé (@alainjuppe) November 12, 2017

A “mistake” for Wauquiez

Thierry Solère, the president of the Constructive, has confirmed to BFM TV this door open to a future covenant : “I share what said Alain Juppé. This is the approach that we parliamentarians have business in the national Assembly. It would be populist to say to the French : Oppose this government. Today, we are working actively with all the Europeans that claim of right. “

Laurent Wauquiez has determined that the proposal of a common list for the european elections was ” a mistake.” “We do not share the same vision of Europe that Emmanuel Macron “, in particular on the possible expansion of the european Union, he said. “It is a profound error, because the enlargement has killed Europe,” said Mr Wauquiez, former minister of european Affairs. “What I’m saying is that we are going to have debates on Europe. “

On the issue of “enlargement” of the Union, it was not clear what debate Wauquiez could maintain a with Macron. The head of the State has indeed explicitly called for a pause : “By the extent to which it has taken, the enlargement as it is known, the diversity it has adopted, the european project has suddenly struck here a little over ten years to a rejection by the people, of the people “, said Emmanuel Macron, who, instead of a headlong rush, rather a deepening of the european project by allowing some member States to advance more quickly than others.

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