Jungkook secretly married 43-year-old colleague

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 Jungkook secretly married 43-year-old colleague

The rumors about Jungkook's crush on his 43-year-old colleague have reached a new level. It was reported this morning that Golden Maknae had secretly married a woman with whom he had been in contact for several months. He stood his ground to the last and persuaded his best friend not to make decisions in haste.

“Taehyung refused to go to their wedding, and also stated that he was not going to communicate with this woman. This greatly spoiled Jungkook's mood and all the time of the ceremony he was not himself. BTS sasaeng fan shares.

Jungkook and V haven't spoken to each other since they got married. One has only to wait for content updates and trust that Taehyun can come to terms with the situation.

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