Julia Menshova keeps a secret about the character of Alla Pugacheva

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 Julia Menshova keeps a secret about Alla Pugacheva's character

The famous choreographer Miguel became a guest of the YouTube show of TV presenter Yulia Menshova, where he shared his impression of working with Alla Pugacheva.

It turned out that he had a rather unpleasant aftertaste after working with her during the filming of the famous “Christmas Meetings” And he doesn't want to meet on the stage anymore.

According to the artist, Alla Borisovna behaved extremely defiantly: she tried to manage absolutely the entire creative process and constantly gave instructions to people.

“I was shocked when everyone it is happened. This is sterlovse. This concerned directly those people who were in the team,»,— says Miguel.

When asked by Menshova to tell some details about the legendary singer, Miguel promised to tell everything, but only behind the scenes.

, on the screen.

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