Judge in Colombia showed up to the Zoom meeting half-naked

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 Judge in Colombia showed up half-naked at Zoom session

Judge Vivian Polania of Colombia has been suspended from her position after appearing at a Zoom meeting in her underwear and smoking a cigarette.

According to The Mirror, the judge has been of the incident, posted spicy and very candid photos on social networks.

For about an hour, Polania could not be seen at the Zoom meeting due to the camera being turned off. However, when she turned on the broadcast, she showed herself lying in bed.

She reportedly looked “tousled with sleepy eyes”; and was smoking a cigarette. The lawyer at the hearing then informed Polania that her camera was on, prompting her to hastily turn it off again.

Polania was placed on unpaid leave until February after a disciplinary committee found her unfit to perform her duties, stating that she did not respect the parties at the hearing and did not comply with the court dress code.

Vivian Polania herself denies that she was half-naked during the hearing. She added that she had to lie down during the hearing because she had a panic attack and low blood pressure.

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