JPost and “Maariv” become a target of pro-Iranian hackers

JPost and

Early in the morning, January 3, pro-Iranian hackers attacked the account of the Maariv newspaper on Twitter and the Jerusalem Post website.

The attackers posted a photo of the explosion of the Dimona nuclear facility with text in Hebrew and English: “We’ll end you when you don’t think about it.”

The photo also showed a ballistic missile falling from the fist of Qasem Suleimani, who was eliminated exactly two years ago in Baghdad in 2020.

Corresponding tweet from Maariv account after that it was deleted. The user account @ShiaEagle who retweeted was blocked.

During the attack, the hackers changed key SEO queries on the Jerusalem Post website. It is not yet known whether the attack was carried out from Iran or from another country by pro-Iranian hackers.

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