Journey for black caviar

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Black caviar produced in Israel – selection of the best restaurants in the world and connoisseurs of this unique product. Caviar No. 1 in the world of the Israeli brand “Karat Caviar” of exceptional quality produced on a sturgeon farm in the Upper Galilee, in Kibbutz Dan.

Israeli company “Kaviar ha-Galil” in 1992, she built a sturgeon farm in the Upper Galilee, near the main tributary of the Jordan River, carrying crystal clear ice water from the top of Mount Hermon. Having hired a team of specialists with a worldwide reputation and many years of experience in the field of caviar production, the company brought to Israel from the Caspian Sea fry of real Russian sturgeon. This is the only sturgeon farm where fish are bred in running water from the river, far from industrial areas and other sources of pollution, in the closest possible conditions to nature.

Around Kibbutz Dan, a landscape of biblical beauty stretches for many kilometers, and the farm itself looks like a futuristic object. However, the sturgeons themselves, which can be seen in huge tanks, look like fabulous creatures. The sturgeons are looked after especially sensitively and attentively, and the caviar is collected carefully, with hardware precision, without the slightest harm to the fish.

 Journey for black caviar

Now Karat Caviar black caviar ;, which has earned a brilliant reputation among experts over the years on the caviar market, can be found in the best restaurants and on the tables of its true connoisseurs. Silver-black with a golden hue, the eggs have an incredible texture and a clean, deep, full-bodied flavor that melts in your mouth, leaving a subtle aftertaste.

You can come to the farm with a tour, see tanks with sturgeon, watch a film about the intricacies of this difficult production, taste caviar and, of course, buy all the products of "Karat Caviar".

 Journey for black caviar

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