Journalist and film director Yulia Vishnevetskaya abducted in Dagestan

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 Journalist and film director Yulia Vishnevetskaya kidnapped in Dagestan

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The abduction of the journalist was announced by her husband, journalist Shura Burtin, as well as the editor-in-chief of the Russian Reporter. Vitaly Leybin.

Yulia Lvovna Vishnevetskaya, a well-known documentary filmmaker, laureate of the Lavr award 2020, was detained by the police on the evening of September 26 in the area of ​​protests in Dagestan.

Yulia Vishnevetskaya is in Dagestan on an editorial assignment from the Russian edition of Reporter. and “Radio Liberty” (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia) to shoot a report about a rural school and a cable car in the mountain village of Sogratl.

Before her arrest, she was returning to Makhachkala from one of the villages of the republic, drew attention to the protests in the city center, went there with the intention of filming a current report.

After the rally, she went to a cafe, where she was detained.

“She spent the night in the police department with those detained during the riots. Other detained journalists were released, and the next evening Yulia was taken to the Makhachkala court and sentenced to five days of administrative arrest under Article 20.2, paragraph 6.“, Butrin reports.

For some reason, they were taken to the police department of Karabudakhkent, a village an hour's drive from Makhachkala.

However, on the afternoon of the 28th, the police officer on duty said that Yulia was not there.

According to PMC member Omar Omarova, she was redirected to Makhachkala, and she will be charged with organizing rallies.

However, lawyer Marina Dubrovina was told in the Makhachkala TDF that Yulia was not there either.

“ The situation in which an administrative detainee disappears from places of detention is very disturbing. We are afraid that non-legal methods of pressure may be applied to her. “ , – close journalists say.

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