Joseph's tomb in Shechem closed indefinitely due to security threats

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 Joseph's Tomb in Nablus closed indefinitely due to security threats

It is reported that the Israeli security services have decided to indefinitely suspend visits to the tomb of Joseph, located in the Palestinian city of Shechem, due to the aggravated security situation in Judea and Samaria.

Public broadcaster Kan, which reported on Thursday, said the IDF is seeking to limit its activities in Northern Samaria to give Palestinian Authority security forces more leeway. Palestinian cities as needed.

Joseph's tomb is located in Area A in Samaria, which is officially under the full control of the PA, although the Israeli military operates there. The IDF prohibits Israeli citizens from entering Area A without prior permission.

Joseph's tomb is revered by some as the final resting place of the biblical Joseph. Visits to Joseph's tomb by Orthodox Israelis occur monthly, if not more frequently, and almost always cause violent clashes with local Palestinians when the IDF advances into Nablus to secure the area for the arrival of the pilgrims.

Shechem, and even more so neighboring Jenin, have been particular hotbeds of clashes between the Israeli military and Palestinian militants in recent months. In two cities in the north of Samaria, Israeli raids take place almost every night, aimed at arresting individuals who, according to the military, are the leaders of the Palestinian terrorists responsible for a spate of attacks earlier this year that killed 19 Israelis. The army says many of these fighters are seeking to carry out more attacks against Israelis.

More than 2,000 Palestinians have been arrested since the start of the anti-terrorism operation in the spring, and more than 200 Palestinians have been killed in what has been the deadliest period in recent years.

firebombs or stones at soldiers entering their neighborhoods. But several non-violent civilians also died.

The IDF said on Thursday that several Birzeit University students were among those recently arrested in the raids near Ramallah accused of allegedly financing the terrorist group Hamas.

The past week also saw several failed Israeli shellings, putting the IDF on high alert. However, a senior military official said on Thursday that the IDF did not dare to decide on the start of the liquidation of the leaders of the Palestinian terrorists in Judea and Samaria, considering and that such a decisive step will lead to further deterioration of the situation.

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