Jordan to host Israel and Palestinians for Sunday summit

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 Jordan to host Israel and Palestinians for Sunday summit

A “political security” meeting between Israel and the Palestinians will be held in Jordan today to try to restore calm in Judea and Samara, as well as in Gaza. This is reported by The Times of Israel.

Representatives of the US and Egypt will also take part in the meeting, which will take place in the resort of Aqaba on the Red Sea. Israeli National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi and Shin Bet chief Ronen Bar are expected to attend from the Israeli side.

The talks come after 11 Palestinians were killed and more than 80 wounded in a shootout on Wednesday in Nablus during the arrest of terrorists by Israeli forces. At least seven of those killed were Palestinian militants. Three more were civilians.

The increase in unrest this year has raised international concern and follows violence in 2022, the deadliest in Judea and Samaria since the moment the UN started monitoring the situation.

“The political and security meeting is part of an intensified ongoing effort by Jordan, in coordination with the Palestinian Authority and others, to end [Israel's] unilateral measures and security breaches that could spark new violence, — said a Jordanian government spokesman.

The talks will aim to achieve “safe and economic measures to alleviate the hardships of the Palestinian people,” the official added.

Previously, Channel 12 news reported that Israel promised the Palestinian authorities to restrict entry into Palestinian cities in the near future to reduce tensions.

The summit was also organized to formalize an Israeli agreement to delay permission for additional settlement expansion by a few months, and to facilitate IDF raids in Palestinian cities, demolishing or evicting Palestinians from their homes. A Palestinian source said Ramallah is furious at each of these commitments that have been violated this week and is demanding that the US put pressure on Israel to join the deal.< br />

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