Johnson was in court because his statements on Brexit

Джонсона вызвали в суд из-за его высказываний по Brexit

Former British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will stand trial on charges of voter fraud on the eve of a referendum on Brexit in 2016.

According to the newspaper, a claim on the policy was filed by the businessman Marcus ball. He argues that Johnson deceived the voters, saying that after the British exit from the EU, the country will be able to save 350 million pounds per week, which previously had left to the European budget. According to the businessman, Britain never spent so much money on the EU. Lawyers Boll filed in the magistrate’s court of Westminster a petition to challenge Johnson in the court, reports the with reference to

Judge Margot Coleman said that Johnson is required to appear in court for a preliminary hearing. “After reviewing all the factors relevant to the case, I believe that we should approve the petition, and the case will then be sent to the Royal court,” she said.

Earlier, on 24 may, Johnson said that the UK is in any case out of the European Union on 31 October. According to him, Brexit will take place regardless of whether the British Parliament the agreement with Brussels.

Johnson is one of the main opponents of the “soft deal” for Brexit. He resigned from the post of foreign Minister in July 2018 because of disagreement with the position of Prime Minister Theresa may. In a farewell speech in the house of Commons of the British Parliament he stated that her plan will lead the country to the “unfortunate ambiguity” and warned that “it’s not too late to save Brexit”.

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May 24 may announced his resignation. It is expected that the new head of the British government will be elected a week after her passing. The main contender for this post is Boris Johnson. Until that time, Theresa may will continue to perform the duties of the head of the government.

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