Johnson joined the fight for the post of Prime Minister of great Britain

Джонсон вступил в борьбу за должность премьера Великобритании

Ex-foreign Minister of the United Kingdom announced the start of the election campaign.

Former Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson announced Monday that he begins the campaign for the position of leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister of the country, reports the with reference to

“Now is the time to believe in ourselves and in what we can do, and that’s why I’m ready to become leader of the Conservative party,” he said in the video, posted on his Twitter page.

In may this year, Prime Minister Theresa may has announced that he will retire from the post of leader of the Conservative party on 7 June. In the UK elections of the new leader of the conservatives, who then heads the government.

In addition to Johnson, the desire to compete for the post of Prime Minister has declared, in particular, foreign Minister Jeremy hunt and health Minister Matthew Hancock. In addition, applicants for this post are considered, the former Minister of Brexit Dominic Raab, the Minister of international development Rory Stewart, a former Minister for work and pensions, Esther McVie, the Minister for the environment Michael Gove, and Andrea Leeds in may left the position of leader of the house of Commons.

The British media called Johnson the most powerful candidate for Prime Minister of great Britain. The President of the United States Donald trump believes that Boris Johnson will perfectly cope with the responsibilities of the Prime Minister, if elected leader of the Conservative party.

However, earlier members of the British Parliament from the opposition parties criticised Boris Johnson, urging to prevent his coming to power. The calls came amid reports that Johnson will be summoned to the court due to his statements about the sum of payments of Britain in the EU during the campaign period for the country’s withdrawal from the Union. We are talking about statements by Johnson, an ardent supporter of Brexit in 2016 — before the referendum on withdrawal of Britain from the EU. According to the author of the claim of Marcus ball, Johnson had misled the public, saying that Britain makes payments to the EU in the amount of 350 million pounds a week. It was later revealed that these figures do not correspond to reality.

Johnson is one of the main politicians, thanks to which Brexit at all possible. He accused the EU that the policy of Brussels led to the war in Ukraine, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad called “a monster” and Russian President Vladimir Putin compared with the elf Dobby from the Saga about Harry Potter. Johnson left after too soft, in his opinion, agreements with the European Union, prepared by his own party. The last months of Boris Johnson was a member of the backbenchers (i.e., not occupied posts in the government), mercilessly critical of Theresa may and continued to get into an awkward situation. For example, on may 3 reported that they voted in local elections, although no one in his district that day is not elected.

Officially, the campaign to elect the leader of the Conservative party will begin on June 10. How long will it take the process of electing a new leader of the conservatives is unclear. The party hopes that it will end by mid-July, before the parliamentary recess. If this does not happen, Theresa may might stay in his post until the end of September.

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The UK remains an EU member until October 31, but will be able to leave early if the agreement has already been thrice rejected by the House of Commons would still be able to take.

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