Johnny Depp spoke in terrible detail about the bullying of his ex-wife

 Johnny Depp spoke in macabre detail about his ex-wife's bullying

Famous actor Johnny Depp, testifying on Wednesday in a $50 million libel case against his ex-wife Amber Heard, said that it was she who became aggressive when their relationship deteriorated, throwing insults that sometimes escalated into a slap or push.

According to Depp, during one quarrel, he threw a bottle of vodka, which smashed against the wall. Heard then grabbed a bottle of vodka and threw it into Depp's hand, cutting his right middle finger, he said.

Depp said he started writing on the wall with the blood that was dripping from his finger. According to him, he wrote reminders of the “lies” that Heard told him.
The jury was shown a photograph of the injury, which was repaired by surgery.

After detailing their early romance during testifying on Tuesday, Depp returned to the witness stand in a Virginia court and said that Heard's behavior had changed. According to Depp, the couple had frequent fights, which included “demeaning name calling”; and “bullying” from her side.

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