Johanne Fontaine is off

Johanne Fontaine s'éteint

BLOG / The actress Johanne Fontaine, who had us all amazed by her courage and resilience, has finally succumbed to colon cancer on Thursday, after eight years of disease. A few weeks ago, she had already served no more have to long to live, confident, have the intention to ask for medical help to die.

The actress, 63-year-old had made his last public appearance on September 16 to The premiere of Gemini, where he was awarded the trophy for best supporting actress in a drama series, for his work in The impostor, the sequel to VAT. Last week, we saw the Gods of the dance with Marcel Leboeuf, a show that had been touring in the spring, and in which the duo danced a mambo. In accordance with it, we would review the November 8, emission of Jean-Philippe Wauthier for a second participation.

In the course of her career as an actress, Johanne Fontaine has particularly shone in the national improvisation League. We saw it at the cinema in Le matou by Jean Beaudin, and television in programming Justice for all, ZAP, Robin, and Stella, With a big a, Ent’Cadieux, Networks, friends first, and more recently Breaks and The impostor, in the role of a non-seer.

The actress had moved many viewers in testifying of his experience in the documentary Addicted to the life , and Always addicted to the life, produced by her friend Isabelle Maréchal. Suffering from cancer, she has had several remissions, sharing the ups and downs of his illness on the social networks. An example of courage that will live long in our memories.

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